Last Morning Caucus


Highlight today – all OEA delegates participated in the FCPE Drive! Ohio earned their flag for display on the floor. (See photo of state marker.) Delegates were very generous with their donations this year. Ohio was fifth for the highest amount of money collected for the fund.

One of the action packed events of the last caucus is the live auction. Traditionally there are large ticket items that garner additional funds for FCPE. Among today’s auction items – tickets to Cedar Point and an overnight stay at Breakers Hotel, Blue Jacket tickets, OSU football tickets, handcrafted quilt using past OEA shirts, cowboy hats worn by the officers during the RA, along with a homemade authentic Mexican dinner. One of the district leaders is the auctioneer and about $6000 was raised. It is always so entertaining to watch the bidding wars.

Everyone has noticed the team attitude exhibited by our current OEA officers – Becky, Scott and Tim. It is refreshing to have a group of individuals who are not only dedicated to the organization and our values, but also genuinely interested in every delegate and their views. There were standing ovations for the work they have done over the week.

The last day is also filled with personal announcements about retirees from particular locals and kudos to the OEA staff who also works tirelessly on the behalf of delegates. By day four of early morning meetings and extended travel before the RA starts, everyone is really feeling the love for one another and our great union.

The big question on the last day is when will the RA end. By policy, the delegation must complete all their work within four days. I have been at some RAs that adjourned close to midnight and others that ended around seven o’clock. This particular RA will see special tributes to the outgoing president, Dennis Van Roekle and motivating speeches from the three incoming officers.


About Mary Alice Conkey

Mary Alice currently serves as President of the North Eastern Ohio Education Association. She is an intervention specialist in the East Cleveland City School District.
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