Initial Observations from President Conkey

Observations from NEOEA’s President in Denver at the NEA RA … it has taken me a couple of days to catch up with all the happenings. The altitude has not helped. It seems that everyone is affected differently – me … so very lethargic in the afternoon. After some adjustment, I am pumped and ready to go.

Denver is a great city. Lots of sunshine all day and very cool evenings which allow for strolls down the 16th Street Mall. This is a strip about 20 blocks long, lined with stores and restaurants. They also have a free bus that takes passengers up and down the mall. What a great way to support the local businesses. The city is also rehabbing the area around Union Station and the new ballpark where the Rockies played last night. The area is referred to as LoDo (Lower Downtown) and huge condominiums are being built in anticipation of the new residents. It is a much newer city than the ones we are used to on the east coast, so there are many tall new buildings and a great public transportation system. I took the light rail to Littleton the other day. I like to jump on public transportation when out of town; way to get a feel for the locals.

It has been an OEA tradition for some time that each district sponsors an event. Tonight NEOEA delegates, along with other invited districts, will travel to the Denver Downtown Aquarium. We will enjoy a dinner buffet, have the opportunity to visit the big and little fish and then view the city fireworks on the balcony. We are all looking forward to the event and are thrilled to have four other districts join us tonight for the festivities. Special thanks to our committee back home for planning the excursion.

Another tradition other districts have had over the years is seat covers for the delegates. NEOEA has engaged in numerous discussions over the years regarding the logistics of SEAT COVERS … I know, right – how could there be so much conversation around a cover?! You have no idea. 2014 has seen the debut of NEOEA seat covers. The response has been very positive. It is good to see the sea of blue in the OEA delegation. Makes me proud!

Tomorrow is NEOEA wind shirt day and the “class picture” event. Stay tuned.

Happy Fourth of July to our members back home! Enjoy the day with family and friends.


About Mary Alice Conkey

Mary Alice currently serves as President of the North Eastern Ohio Education Association. She is an intervention specialist in the East Cleveland City School District.
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