Notes from Camp: Tuesday, July 1

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We have had people here in Denver for nearly a week for various related meetings and conferences, but today is what NEA regards as the first day of the Annual Meeting since delegate registration and policy hearings begin today. (Check NEA’s Annual Meeting FAQ here.)

1) Caucuses: The first Ohio caucus was held on Saturday, June 7. The second Ohio caucus (our first in Denver) will be held on Wednesday, July 2, and it starts at 7:30 a.m.–a half hour later than the remaining caucuses. NEOEA delegates will caucus briefly immediately after the adjournment of the Ohio caucus. Listen during the Ohio caucus for President Mary Alice Conkey’s announcement of the location of the NEOEA.

2) Checking in: Of course you’re signing in at the Ohio office; but sign in also at the NEOEA table, which is being staffed by President-elect Kim Richards. Tomorrow’s caucus is the likely last day to add people to our list for our evening at the Denver Aquarium. She’ll also have a sheet with a QR code to make it easier to view this blog on your (properly set up) mobile device.

3) Seatback covers: After years of requests, we’ve purchased covers that delegates can use to mark their seats at the RA! You’ll be able to pick up your seatback cover on Wednesday, July 2. These have the NEOEA logo on the back and a pocket for sign with your name in the front. They aren’t giveaways! Kim will keep a list of who has them, and you’ll be asked for a $10 deposit (the cost of the item), which will be returned at the end of the RA when you return your seatback cover.

4) Shirts: Most delegates picked up their windshirts at the June 7 caucus, but Kim will distribute the rest of them on Thursday, June 3. That’s the first day of the RA, and if you got the OEA vest you’ll be asked to wear that on that day. Our “shirt day,” and also our photo day, will be Saturday, July 5.

5) NEOEA Night: Our night at the Aquarium is Friday, July 4, and Kim will have wristbands and directions at the table on that day. We’re pleased to be able to welcome colleagues from ECOEA, EOEA, NCOEA, and NWOEA for this “night out.”



About neoeaxd

Bill Lavezzi serves as Executive Director of the North Eastern Ohio Education Association. NEOEA is a professional association of educators consisting of the nearly 31,000 members of the 192 local OEA and NEA affiliates in northeastern Ohio. Founded in 1869 as the North Eastern Ohio Teachers Association, NEOEA took its present name in 1989 in recognition of the diversity of its members.
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