Park Place offer for CLE flyers

The Senate Bill 5 repeal crisis has forced NEOEA staff to reduce our availability to vendors and NEOEA’s commercial partners.  However, the following opportunity from Park Place at Cleveland Hopkins Airport was so timely for those who are flying to Chicago that we made an exception.  (Please be aware, however, that the following offer is not linked to the NEA Annual Meeting only: it is a membership benefit now available to NEOEA members and their families for all their travel needs from Cleveland Hopkins Airport.)
The procedure listed below requires an online signup; sending the card will take several days, so if you’re planning to use this benefit for your flight to Chicago you should sign up fairly soon.
The airport will be knocking down their parking garage soon… so why not save time and money at Park Place!?  Travelers with a Park Place Relax for Rewards Card in hand are always guaranteed accommodations. This benefit will become even more important now during the long construction project.  As always, we encourage everyone to sign up for their discount card now, before they need it to travel.  Feel free to direct questions to me at 440-724-4570.

 One thing that stands out about the Relax for Rewards Program we offer your people… there is no cost!  As both the largest and closest parking facility inCleveland, you can be certain thatPark Place is the quickest and most convenient way to catch a flight.

 Claim your Park Place Relax for Rewards Card now and you will enjoy:

 A Great Rate – Special $ 6.75 rate preprogrammed into your card. (Park Place location only!)

  1. Free Car Wash (Park Placelocation only!!)
  2. Free Bottled Water and Morning Newspaper
  3. Free Parking Days– Earn One Free Day for Every Eight Days of Paid Parking
  4. Guaranteed Accommodations –with no need to prepay on-line or make a reservation. Just show your Relax for Rewards card! It guarantees you a parking spot at all times and replaces paper tickets.
  5. Best Location -Park Place is the closest off airport parking facility inCleveland. Coupled with the most experienced drivers and continual shuttle service directly from your car to your departure airline, airport parking has never been so quick and easy!

Your discount card is FREE, so why wait?  Just enroll using NEOEA as your company name and the promotional code number shown below.


(If anyone choses to enroll via thePark Placewebsite instead, you will be asked for your promotional code. You must:

  1. Click on the green Join Now you see in the right column.
  2. Select the CLE – Park Place Airport Parking location from the location drop down menu. Careful, there are two different locations inCleveland, we are the second on the list.
  3. Include NEOEA as your company name and finally…
  4. Enter your Promotional Code 0640207 where required so your discount will be applied correctly. Don’t forget that code. Then just use your card each time you enter and exit so you can start earning free days! )
Park Place Airport Parking – Cleveland
18951 Snow Road
Brook Park, OH  44142

About neoeaxd

Bill Lavezzi serves as Executive Director of the North Eastern Ohio Education Association. NEOEA is a professional association of educators consisting of the nearly 31,000 members of the 192 local OEA and NEA affiliates in northeastern Ohio. Founded in 1869 as the North Eastern Ohio Teachers Association, NEOEA took its present name in 1989 in recognition of the diversity of its members.
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