So many meetings!

NEA Annual Meeting veterans know that what we commonly describe as the “NEA RA” or the “NEA Annual Meeting” consists actually of dozens of meetings. You may find it very useful to bookmark NEA’s online schedule of the many meetings currently scheduled at the Annual Meeting:

In addition, NEOEA delegates will want to plan for the following events:

  • Friday, July 1: the NEOEA delegate caucus, at the end of the Ohio caucus;
  • Sunday, July 3: NEOEA Night at Tommy Gun’s Garage (information coming soon).

Finally, this post provides an opportunity to let delegates know about an “meeting,” of sorts, that many northeastern Ohio delegates look forward to each year but which never appears on the online schedule. This would be the annual delegate religious services, which will take place on Sunday, July 3, about fifteen minutes after adjournment. (This may require some fancy stepping to make it to Tommy Gun’s!) Typically delegates may select between a Roman Catholic Mass and an interdenominational prayer service.


About neoeaxd

Bill Lavezzi serves as Executive Director of the North Eastern Ohio Education Association. NEOEA is a professional association of educators consisting of the nearly 31,000 members of the 192 local OEA and NEA affiliates in northeastern Ohio. Founded in 1869 as the North Eastern Ohio Teachers Association, NEOEA took its present name in 1989 in recognition of the diversity of its members.
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